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Who wouldn't love if any classes taught in one's mother tongue? Most of us must have searched to get UPSC concepts in Tamil for more clarity but have failed. Here we're providing all filtered and fine-tuned classes exclusively related to UPSC in Tamil - the first of its kind online - in an easily assimilating manner for you to grasp the content keenly with no errs. It is proved that classes taught digitally are found to be more efficient for its time-saving nature and learning life's important classes in the mother tongue are no less than perfect satisfaction. and it is evident from our previous courses as well 



When it comes to UPSC preparation, the Himalayan task is to find what not to read more than what to read. Something interesting when you read might not have UPSC value and vice versa. Here we, feeling responsible as a teacher, provide equilibrium to everything - giving only what's needed for UPSC - to all subjects and topics in a crystal clear manner so that you can kick-start your preparation as soon as possible. One can easily pick up the pace as the classes are so efficient and quality packed that anyone can understand the content with ease. Our testimonials say the same.



It's very explicit that these days every material is available online for free. But one can't assure whether they're up to the mark that UPSC demands or not. Those which are up to the mark may empty your hefty pocket in thousands. Here we understand the need of a common man - Aspirant - and we've made the course enrollment fee as affordable as possible -ensuring our initiative reach the masses. We do take pride by giving the course for a fee to ensure the online infrastructure  - which most of us can offer, and at the same time we feel responsible as a social being and give the course free of cost for the physically challenged 


The field of UPSC is not devoid of myths. right from the role of luck to going through all the lines in the newspaper for Ph.D. level knowledge - But aspirants of these sorts don't clear. Why ?? Some fell prey to market materials and some to coaching classes. Why ?? its all cause of lack of experience and misguided myths. Then who can teach you to clear UPSC? Definitely, the one who has learned a lot from his past failures. Only the experienced can undo all your mistakes because he had traveled the same path, must have committed the same mistakes you are committing now and analyzed his failures and got enlightened by those experiences. I myself am an Aspirant, toiled hard for nearly a decade, made those mistakes, but vowed to make sure that none do them. We will be with you at maximum times possible, get your tracks known - improve if its right, change it if its wrong - so that you will find your way to LBSNAA.


While some are full-time students while some are not. While some study strongly in the morning, some burn the midnight oil. Someday maybe energetic while somedays feel doomed. Some make it to the classes despite the traffic, but some miss the core classes. Some grasp concepts in one go but some take 2-3 hearings to have an idea about what that topic is. Some have to travel for hours to reach home from job or classes while some study from home. Some may regret for wasting time by commuting but which they cannot avoid. So In various ways, one's learning pattern depends on permutation and combination of many factors. So one can change classes according to your mood and need. And an important class missed on a sick day is missed -no compromises. I can hear you saying "NO" but I say "YES".  Yes, you can. With Premium membership enrollment, one can access all the classes according to your flexibility anytime anywhere.


Many who did work hard, fail not because they didn't try harder but they didn't rectify their mistakes. Some of them even don't know what are the mistakes they made and are making. The first step in self-improvement is trying to analyze where does one go wrong. While some may get it easily by introspecting, some cannot. It's not their fault. They try hard, fail by very few marks and then try harder, fail by fewer marks and the cycle goes on. Everything becomes a cup and lip for them. What to do ?? How to break that cycle ??How to bridge this chasm ?? One needs to surveilled by another for your methods to be corrected so that you ace any exams. We provide our contact details - our phone number, mail, Telegram ID and even live sessions - so that the Premium students can contact the faculties who are available most of the time, to guide you and get your doubts cleared. which ensures ur consistency and the right approach 




With the right mentor to guide you, your efforts for preparation is halved.
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"Great content, lucid explanations, amazing clarity of thought".

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Why Newspapers are important?

The answer is simple -more the knowledge of current events more the chances of clearing UPSC, fine !!

Then Why one omit Newspapers and rely on bulky compilations?

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Clarity, Revision,Implementation 

UPSC is a year-long process. It requires concept clarity and easy, simpler understanding of topics. Many studies with clarity still would not able to clear -the reason for that may be an improper revision or they would not have known to implement things clearly in the examination hall or maybe inexperienced tackling questions or would be in a misconception that they have studied all topics without analyzing the previous year question paper, they would not even analyze where they lag in implementation and tend to be in the race of preparation. 

So to overcome this, we are putting more pressure to ensure


 Try out the demos and videos on Youtube and then decide by yourself for this part. Even a layman can understand a complex topic easily if seen a class there. And you are not a layman, you will understand any topic at its simplest and easiest form. Our videos speak for itself.


 We provide you with an onscreen note feature along the videos to make you note down all the points and at the same time, we insist to focus on revision and also provide the ways of doing it easily which vary according to aspirants. So its a bye-bye to handwritten notes and their stockpiling. Go Green !!


Our experienced faculty will provide tips, not those normal and outdated tricks available online, along with the process of videos so that one could mentally prepare for implementation simultaneously while studying. So easy studies, easier strategy and easiest revision.






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